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Retaining Limestone

Retaining Walls

When built professionally, limestone blocks create strong neat looking retaking walls that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Apart from aesthetics, retaining walls are also a great way to help stop soil erosion, shape garden beds and improve the shape of the land - especially on sloping blocks.

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Retaining Feature Wall and Steps


Limestone stairs are often seen as a major feature in the garden or at the front of your house. We take extra pride in the overall finish that is sure to be the focus point in any garden. These stairs can be an affordable option, very durable and compliment homes beautifully.

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Cheap Limestone Wall

Feature Walls

As well as create an excellent sound barrier, limestone walls also define boundaries, create easy & strong footings for fence posts + provide stunning frontages that redefine your property.

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Feature Wall

Limestone Walls

The friendly staff at Rock Solid can help you through all stages of your limestone wall. We can design and construct your wall, and if necessary organise engineering and guide you through the building license process. All walls built by Rock Solid are guaranteed to meet Australian safety regulations and standards.

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Limestone Retaining Walls Perth WA

Retaining Walls Perth are not just your average builder. Our team prides ourselves on being able to deliver innovative solutions. If you have an idea for how you want your retaining or feature wall to look but you are unsure of how a builder is going to deliver your vision then give us a call and we can talk through the various options with you. Our local company is based in Perth and offer our services to the whole metropolitan area – North to South | East to West with no job too BIG or small.

Screen | Feature | Retaining Wall Specialists in PERTH

As a builder of retaining and feature walls – we always aim to deliver an end product that is of the highest quality standards. Our structures always comply with Australian standards – We can also take the hassle out of shire / council approvals. Our experienced team has the knowledge and the know how to deal with anything related to Limestone such as Piers | Stair Wells | Garden Beds etc. We are also partnered with a number of local Perth business’s – Fencing teams | Concrete & Liquid Limestone teams so your hassle free home makeover is just a call away.

If you are in Perth and looking for a high quality long lasting retainer wall solution at a lower cost.

Feature Walls in Perth WA

Need a Retaining Structure Built?

Do you live in WA and are looking to change the vision of your property? Have you or your family been contemplating the addition of a holding limestone structure to break up its current appearance? We provide reliable and professional experts in our industry who can recommend exactly what will work the best for your property. Maybe you are looking for a complete landscaping makeover for your residential home or even commercial property? 

Limestone walls are highly functional to construction and generally serve as decorative components for property’s all over Perth’s suburbs. We Can create are a incredible feature that will not just add a stunning aesthetic look to your property, but will also vigorously increase its value.

A major benefit of a retainer is the fact they will provide great protection against soil erosion, also will effectively hold back all the unstable soil plus work to prevent the ground from being washed away. Being successful from preventing the soil from shifting and moving, the limestone strutures manage to protect buildings and surround your property’s landscape from possible damage. If built or created from stone | concrete, they are very sturdy and will last for a long time.

As well as substantial structural benefits – our builds are also essential for leveling of property’s around West Australia. If your land has a steep hillside – it may be difficult to plant shrubs or a garden-bed. We provide more gardening space in your landscape. Increasing the level regions for gardening or in built seating: it will bring out the beauty in your landscape. They are definitely  a excellent way to make the most out of your yard – regardless of the size.

Limestone Walls in Perth WA

Are you looking for an expert block retaining wall construction service in Western Australia? Our specialists offer all our customers affordable services at competitive prices with excellent results. All our team members are experienced to find the ideal solution for new / existing homes.

For friendly & expert advice on feature | limestone retaining walls or other landscaping needs – give our local company a call. We can provide a free quote so that you can begin realising your property’s landscaping potential.

When you take into consideration options for your outdoor landscape – a main primary factor that should be kept in mind is what company will provide the optimal keys for the job. Building garden | feature walls is a job that requires specialist skills, the correct tools and equipment and most importantly the adequate knowledge built from experience.

Landscaping is never easy to fulfill regardless of the job at hand. Most jobs often involve hours / days and sometimes months of hard work. Hiring a reliable and reputable company to take care of your job will give you the peace of mind you would need as we will take care of everything. Our local organisation will provide all the necessary solutions to leveling numerous sloping blocks. Your retained blocks can be discreet or alternatively a wonderful feature or possibly a seat in your landscape / area. There are a variety of different options you can choose from – block to brick walls which may be effectively rendered or clad via s feature stone, to interlocking block walls & treated pine-timber sleeper.

Limestone Walls Perth

Our company works in with many trade teams all over the Perth area to ensure your job can be handled from the on point of contact with our team.

Our business is superior when in comes to the supply and install of limestone blocks. Our experienced team are able to project manage all our clients throughout the consultation design & construction phases of your outdoor / outside renovations with 100% transparency and attention to detail. We highly encourage our customers participation throughout all stages in order to keep you in full control of your important investment. Our staff offer expert design – supply & installation of our services – all with affordable prices. Our professional group of individuals make sure we upgrade your backyard / outdoor area by adding a beautifully created structure that will last for many years to come.

Limestone Walls in Perth

Our business is committed to being able to provide all our customers a outstanding design with our focus on form – durability – function and unique style. A well built, yet attractive structure will not just create a more usable space; it will also add value to your area. With our companies professional service you can reclaim any unused space while making your garden / outside area more functional (and more attractive to the eye).

Retaining Walls in Perth

Feature Wall | Stairwells

A retaining wall is able to be discreet or can become a great feature wall, alternatively as mentioned previously – a seat in your yard. There is a huge range of options when choosing a  product; from brick and blocks, which can be rendered or clad with a feature stone, to interlocking block walls and treated pine timber sleepers. We are sure to be able to find the right product for each of our clients individual structural and visual needs.